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Unvented cylinders (G3)


  • PulsaCoil 3
  • PulsaCoil 2000
  • PulsaCoil A Class
  • PulsaCoil BP
  • PCR
  • PulsaCoil Stainless
  • PulsaCoil ECO
  1. BoilerMate (click for product versions offered)
  2. BoilerMate 2
  3. BoilerMate 3
  4. BoilerMate 2000
  5. BoilerMate BP
  6. BoilerMate A Class OV
  7. BoilerMate A Class SP
  8. BoilerMate OVR
  9. BoilerMate ECO SP
  1. SysteMate 3
  2. SysteMate 2000
  3. SysteMate SP
  1. ElectraMate
  2. ElectraMate 2000
  3. ElectraMate A Class
  4. ElectroTorrent
  1. Torrent
  2. Torrent Direct (DE)
  3. Torrent Indirect
  4. Torrent Greenheat
  5. Torrent Electro
  6. Torrent ECO
  7. Torrent ECO Stainless



Central heating repair



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In most cases a visit will be made to disconnect a faulty service and / or drain down the system to reduce the risk of further damage to the property.

We endeavour to make a full repair and to reinstate your supplies at the time of the visit, however another visit during business hours the following day may be needed to complete the repair.